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1. Donna Kay Brinkley married Ford Dwain Phillips and they had a son Shawn Tray Phillips on July 9 1971.
2. Social secruity number 442-18-0033
3. Douglas Brinkley served in WW11. His service number was
Staff Sergent
4. He is buried at Redland Cemetary, near Idabel, Oklahoma.
5. Residence Broken Bow, Oklahoma
Social Secruity number 442-26-2363
6. Place of residence Broken Bow, Oklahoma
Social Secruity number 444-20-9407
7. Suel Bunch was a traveling preacher. He left this family for 8 years and had another family in another state. Years later a son he had by this other family came to meet his half family . Uncle Howard took him to see his father Suel but Suel didn't have much to do with him..Suel the first one was a blacksmith and he made carved oak furniture. He was the strongest man in town. Suel his son was also a blacksmith.
8. He died in Broken Bow
9. She married Will Hess first they had two sons
Troy and Lous, her husband died, then she married Jess Brinkley
10. She died 10 after ten on a friday
11. Jesse Brinkley social secruity number was 448-07-8836
12. Jesse Brinkley married a Robbie?Brinkley after Maud.
Date of birth November 19, 1911
Death January , 1992
Social Secruity number441-24-6225
13. Maud and Jess are buried at Redland Cemetary outside of Idabel, Oklahoma
15. Ownes died at Redding, California
16. Troy died 5:30 a.m. on June 16, 1952
Alma his wife died 7:00p.m. Sat June 14, 1952
Lenon his son died 9:00p.m. on June 14, 1952 they were in a car wreck.

They are buried at Oak Hill Cemetary in Red Bluff, California.
17. His social secruity # is 448-05-2147
18. Social Secruity number 440-64-1994
Residence-Eagletown, OK 74734
19. Place of residence Broken Bow, Oklahoma
Social Secruity number 444-14-3276
20. He was born in Nashville Arkansas and he lived in Chickasha, Ok.
21. Residence Idabel, Oklahoma
Social Secruity number 441-01-8307
22. Mina and Addy were married to brothers
23. They are listed on the 1860 Hempstead County Census Mine Creek Twp.

J.W. Singleton age 26 born in Georgia
Milly E. age 34 born in Tennessee
Tempy age 61/2 born in Arkansas
Mary age 4 born in Arkansas
Elijah age 2 born in Arkansas
24. William was 28 and Tempie was 26. They were married by W.J. Bennett.
25. in 1830 Levi is listed in Lawrence County Tennessee 0001-0.
26. Father born in Tennesse and mother born in Arkansas.
27. she was born in North Carolina
28. Both of her parents were born in North Carolina
29. She was born 1823 Maury County Tennessee
30. born in Arkansas
31. 1870 census Benton County Tennessee he was 20
32. 1870 census Benton County Tennesse he was 18
33. !870 census Benton County Tennessee he was 14. He is Betty Brinkley Mills Grandfather.
34. 1870 census Benton County Tennessee she was 16
35. 1870 census he was 10
36. 1870 census she was 8
37. 1870 census she was 2
38. age 8 1900 Hempstead county census in Arkansas
39. He was 11 on the 1850 Carroll county Tennessee census
40. Ater his mother's death the young man spent several years working as a farm hand in the neighborhood. During the Civil War, John enlisted in Company C, 20th Regiment, TN Calvary, CSA.
41. John and Judie had five children the first three died in infancy.
42. She is buried in Barr Springs Cemetery.
43. She was 9 on the 1850 Carroll County Tennessee Census
44. He was three on the 1850 Carroll Co. Tennessee census
45. in Feb. 1844 Alexander was the adim. of the estate of his son Radford. Levi handled the estate in 1845, so Alexander was probably either sick or dead by then.
46. Alexander was not listed on the 1800 or 1810 census. in 1820 he was in Oarange county 310010-41020. 1840 Alexander is listed in Carroll county Tennessee, 22000001-000001 with Levi as 100001-0002.
47. Alexander sold land in Carroll County Tennessee in 1842, DB E:344, only land transaction listed.
48. He is listed in the Orage County North Carolina census in 1830
49. He is thought to have three other children
50. He was born in Virginia
51. He probably died in Carroll County Tennessee
52. She was born in Virginia
53. She is buried in the Greenwood Cemetary in Maury County Tennessee. Steve Smoot has her listed as death date 1859 but this is the cemetary record.
54. He was 2 1/2 on 1880 Carroll County Tennessee
55. In the 1850 census it had listed a Mahala Roberts living with them.
56. She was 39 on the 1850 census
57. His family is listed on the 1880 Carroll County Tenn. Census.
58. 1830 Levi is in Lawrence county Tennessee and James is nearby, 00001-00001.
59. Roma, Rolen and their baby are buried in Barr Springs Cemetery.
60. Roma and him didn't have any children.
61. Eliza is buried with Virgil, in Mount Comfort Cemetery.
62. She is buried in Prospect Cemetery
63. Two months after his father's 72 birthday.
64. He is buried by his first wife in Mount Comfort Cemetery
65. They are buried in Prospect Cemetery
66. Elizabeth was a relation to Gene Autry the Singing Cowboy.
67. Elizabeth was kin to Gene Autry the Singing Cowboy
68. "1860 Census Grayson Co., TX (sherman P.O.)," 1860, Grayson County Texas.
1860 Grayson county Texas

David Bunch 48, Farmer, $2000 real estate, $2500 per. prop. Tenn
Ellenor Bunch 38, Dom. , F, Kentucky
Malinda Bunch 18, F, Dom, Tenn.
Wm. W Bunch 15, m, TX
Archey H. Bunch, 12, M, TX
Issac Bunch 10, M, TX
Sarah Blue, 15, F, TX
Ema Blue, 11, F, TX
Lucinda Blue, 7, F, TX
Saul Blue, 4, M, TX (Suel ?)
David Blue, 2 M TX
Catherine Bunch, 21, F, dom
69. "Sevier county Arkansas Census," 1870, Sevier county Arkansas.
1870 Sevier county Arkansas Census

David Bunch, 58, M, farmer, Tenn
Ellenor Bunch, 48, F, keeping house, Kentucky
Elizabeth 16, F, TX
Suel 13, M TX
David 11, M, TX
Asa 7, M, TX

70. "REconstructed 1890 Sevier County Arkansas census," 1890.
Bunch, D. Jr. School District #9 Monroe(Cane Creek School) 1880 D.
Bunch ,Sr., (64) Monroe Township
71. "1890 Reconstructed Sevier County Arkansas Census," 1890.
Bunch, D. Jr. School District #9 Monroe(Cane Creek School) 1880 D.
Bunch, Sr. (64) Monroe Township
72. He is listed as age 52 on the 1910 McCurtain County OK Census
73. He is listed as 30 on the 1910 McCurtain County OK Census.
74. His age 20
75. His age 25
76. His age 20
77. Anthony is listed in1830 Carroll County 00001-20001. Alexander was nearby

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